Late nights,
Empty glasses,
Broken hearts, 
Deep slashes, 
Dying soul, 
Recovering mind,
Wrecked lives,
Broken bind,
Aching bones, 
Skin scarred,
Loud moans,
Bad influences,
Innocence lost,
Love found,
So much it cost,
Life recovered,
Now I don’t know where to go,
I think it’s the end of the line,
Everything was going so well,
I thought I would be fine, 
I was obviously wrong,
Cause things are getting painful again, I don’t have too long,
And now I look for a way out, 
Just don’t cry,
Cause I couldn’t be saved,
And this is my goodbye,
To this cruel world,
But to my flower in a field of weeds,
I loved you so much,
Because you met all my needs,
When no on else could,
So you were my ever-after,
But this ended in a way,
Only described as a perfect disaster,
Cause in the end,
You killed both me and you,
You may not realize it yet,
but when you do,
I hope you stop drinking this popular poison.
Austin Dallaire-Labre
Before I close my eyes and fade away I want you to know that I feel like I’m going to fight till I die to keep the fire burning in this relationship, but two people are needed to keep a passionate fire from going out.
Austin Dallaire-Labre